Ropox Flexi Worktop Frames

The Ropox Flexi range is a lifting system mounted on the wall to support a worktop which makes the worktop height adjustable. The height adjustment makes it ideal for standing and wheelchair users with adjustment made at the touch of a button for the electric version or a simple wind of an adjusting handle on the manual type.

Ropox Adjustable Kitchen



Wheelchair users get the needed flexibility and space to get close access to the table because there are no obstructions beneath the worktop. Sinks or hobs can be added into the height-adjustable kitchen worktop giving seated users a much better position when they help to do the dishes or stir in the pots and pans, as their legs can get under the table and their sitting position becomes comfortable and balanced.

The Ropox Flexi range is a popular solution in both private homes and institutions where the right assistive aids can make it much easier for users to participate in a kitchen.

The frame complies with the relevant standard for assistive devices and is approved to a load of up to 150 kg evenly distributed on the structure. Safety stop edges are available to avoid crushing injuries by stopping the worktop immediately if it registers any resistance, and the worktop will automatically reverse the direction allowing you to remove the object that is in the way.

NEW Ropox FlexiPLus

FlexiPlus Frames offer quiet operation, flexible height adjustment especially designed for accessible spaces and kitchens. The system is easy to install with added safety features.

Quiet Operation

Greater Height Adjustment Range

Easy to Install

Ropox FlexiElectric

Ropox FlexiElectric is an ideal solution suitable for private homes, schools, sheltered housing, nursing homes and many other places where people with limited functional mobility take part in the kitchen activities.

Electric Adjustment

Easy to Use

Ropox Smart Box

The Ropox Smart Box offer safety for the user when installing electrically operated heaight adjustable kitchen solutions using upper and lower cabinets or wortops.

Added Safety

Links Upper and Lower Units

Ropox FlexiManual

The Ropox FlexiManual worktop height adjustable system is adjusted manually with a handle. To change the height, you put the handle in the transmission drive on the front edge of the worktop and turn it a few times.

Easy to Use

Manual Adjustment