Pressalit Indivo Kitchens

Product Benefits

  • Height Adjustable
  • Fits most standard units

Pressalit kitchen solutions have been developed with a focus on the needs of the user and helpers and family members.

The Indivo series encompasses three lift systems: electric and manual systems suitable for daily adjustment, and a bracket system suitable for occasional adjustment.

Indivo systems can be fitted with worktops and wall cupboards from kitchen suppliers of your own choice. Wall cupboard lifts are discreetly positioned behind the cupboards, whether these are in their raised or lowered position. Whatever combination of tables and wall cupboards you wish to use, our safety systems provide the best possible security.


Electrically operated frames offer:

  • Lift heights adjusted via switches in the front edge.
  • Operating switches can be placed wherever you want in the front edge.
  • The switches are colour-coded – aluminium to operate worktops, and red to operate wall cupboards.
  • Electric worktop lifts can be adjusted in height over a range of 280 mm.

Manually operated frames offer:

  • Manual lifts adjusted in height using a crank handle.
  • They can be used with worktops, with or without an edge.
  • The crank handle socket can be positioned anywhere along the front edge, except under a sink or hob.
  • Manual worktop lifts can be adjusted in height over a range of 300 mm.

Worktop brackets offer:

  • The lift height is adjusted using a spanner.
  • Height adjustment can be performed by one person alone.
  • Brackets for worktops can be adjusted in height over a range of 250 mm.
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