Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

Guldmann is the expert at providing safe, comfortable and efficient ways to lift, move and
position people in a wide range of different environments.

Guldmann has perfected a comprehensive, modular range of lifting and moving solutions,
drawing on more than a quarter of a century of experience supplying assistive technology
products designed to help people live their lives to the full.

Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoists

Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoists

The Guldmann GH3 ceiling hoist system is a modular system, designed to blend perfectly with new and existing architecture & interiors. Easy to install and use, the GH3 is always ready-to-use and is designed for heavy duty use, making it perfect for professional care environments.



Heavy Duty

Guldmann GH1 Ceiling Hoists

Guldmann GH1 Ceiling Hoists

The GH1 ceiling hoist system is designed to meet the full range of day-to-day lifting needs in private homes, sheltered housing and care homes. It takes up very little space and is compatible with the full range of Guldmann lifting slings and lifting accessories.

Day-to-Day Lifting

When and Where Needed

Guldmann GHZ - A New Concept In-Rail Hoist

A brand NEW Concept of hoist system with an innovative module IN THE RAIL. The GHZ is a discreet – almost invisible – lifting module. The lifting module runs within the traverse rail, minimising the depth dimensions and allowing extra lifting height in rooms with low ceilings.

Discreet and Elegant

Safe and Easy to use

255kg Capacity

Ropimex Curtain Systems for Ceiling Track Installations

Ropimex Curtain Systems for Ceiling Track Installations

Ropimex Universal Screen Systems have provided high quality curtain and screening solutions since 1976. Wall mounted, they are compatible with ceiling track hoist systems. Made from anodised aluminium they are light weight, strong and offer long service life.

Compatible with ceiling hoists

Wall mounted, lightweight

Guldmann GH2 Hoists (Discontinued-see GH3)

Guldmann GH2 Hoists (Discontinued-see GH3)

The Guldmann GH2 ceiling hoist system is available as small free-standing, self-sustaining and removable units or as wall or ceiling mounted systems. The major focus is now on the new GH3 system. GH3 motors are backward compatible with the GH2 rail system and we are able to supply & fit the new Lifting Modules to existing GH2 rails.

Lifting Modules Available