Guldmann Mobile Lifter

Product Benefits

  • Wide Spanning
  • Low & High Lifting
  • Flexible

Guldmann GL5.2 Mobile Lifter

This type of lifter is particularly suitable for use in unforeseen, less frequent or one-off lifting situations where there is no ceiling-mounted hoist, or where such Guldmann systems are impossible, impractical or simply not the most cost-effective solution.

These mobile lifters are designed for good ergonomics and safety for the user as well as for the helper, featuring two wheel sizes and:

  • ample capacity and stability
  • large lifting span
  • carefully considered construction which leaves plenty of space for both carer and user
  • emergency stop and emergency lowering
  • automatic on/off function
  • push handle and buttons, which can be used by everyone
  • fully automatic recharging with the accompanying charger
  • smooth-running castors

Guldmann mobile lifters are:

Wide spanning

  • the user can always be positioned correctly, also in wide beds

Low lifting

  • will lift easily from floor level

High lifting

  • will lift tall users in large slings without problems


  • choose the correct lifting sling and Guldmann mobile lifters will manage most types of lifts
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