Changing Concepts – A Changing Place

Product Benefits

  • Space Enough to Change
  • Room Covering Hoist
  • Adjustable Basin
  • Changing Bench

Whats in a Changing Place space?

Changing Places with Hoist (374)A registered Changing Place requires:

  • be at least 3x4m with a min ceiling height of 2.4 m.
  • an XY room covering ceiling track hoist system with a 200kg capacity
  • height adjustable, adult sized changing bench with a 200kg capacity
  • height adjustable washbasin
  • adequate space for the disabled person and up to two assistants
  • space to accommodate large complex wheelchairs and to fit slings for use with the hoist
  • it also needs to be possible for a wheelchair to be parked within the facility when not in use without compromising the safe access and use of the equipment.
  • peninsular fitted toilet with space both sides for assistants
  • privacy screen
  • wide paper couch roll
  • large waste disposal bin

Although not necessary in all changing place toilets it is desirable to include shower facilities in addition to the items listed above. Changing Place facilities also allow assistants to use the toilet without leaving a disabled person unattended, which is not possible in regular toilet facilities which do not have a privacy curtain or screen in a big enough space.

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