Pressalit Shower & Changing Trolleys

Product Benefits

  • Battery Electric Height Adjustment
  • Central Locking Brakes
  • 200kg SWL

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Pressalit’s mobile shower & changing trolley is designed for use in various settings that require mobile shower and changing solutions and that can accommodate the range of needs that may arise for users, assistants, caregivers, and family members alike.

Each detail and function of the trolley has been carefully planned and tested in collaboration with professional care personnel during the development phase.

  • Developed with focus on the safety and wellbeing for the user
  • Easy access from all sides helps provide optimal work conditions for the carers
  • Easy to clean, well thought out construction with durable materials and multiple features
  • High level of comfort and safety for the user
  • Optimal working conditions for the carer

Designed to provide a stable platform for showering and changing adults and children with reduced mobility, these tables can be used in schools, institutions, hospitals and private homes and are all designed to be durable, comfortable and easy to clean.

MSCT 1 shower/changing models have 4 fold down sides whereas the MCT 2 changing models feature just 2 long sides that fold down.

  • Sizes available: 820 x 2190 mm & 820 x 1790 mm
  • Electrically height adjustable (battery operated) with wired remote control.
  • 400 mm lifting range, from 550 to 950 mm.
  • Can tilt 3 degrees (for easy water drainage).
  • Equipped with central lock system, wire basket for convenient storage, bumpers on all four corners as well as battery and charger.
  • Lifting columns and wired remote control IPX6
  • Battery and charger IPX5.
  • Shower mattress and headrest to be ordered separately.


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