Guldmann Custom Sit On High

Product Benefits

  • Supports Thighbone, Back and Head

Product Video

Guldmann- Custom Sit On High Sling

The Guldmann Sit On High sling supports the thighbone, back and head, and is suitable for persons who will be in the sling for long periods. The user sits on the sling and added bands fixed across the opening at each side of the sling prevent the user from falling out sideways.

Suitable for:

  • persons who remain on the sling for long periods due to high weight or customised wheelchair

Other features:

  • helps reduce the risk of sliding out of wheelchair
  • material prevents heat generation between body and sling
  • sling is fitted on the person while lying, and is used when lifting to and from a lying position

Please note – not suitable for persons with pressure sore problems.

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