Ropimex Curtain Fabrics

Product Benefits

  • High Quality
  • Flame Retardant
  • Staph CHEK Antibacterial Treatment

Ropimex TCS curtains made from Trevira®CS are so effective in resisting fire that they can actually help prevent fire from spreading. This flame resistance is inherent in the specially designed fibers and is therefore permanently effective. Trevira®CS has high quality cost-efficient features such as: fast cleaning, quick drying, durable, and permanently flame-retardant.

  • Trevira has passed all fire tests throughout the world
  • antibacterial properties
  • can be washed at 60 degrees Centigrade with disinfectants

Ropimex curtains made of staph CHEK® the fabric for the bathroom unit area are stain repellent, anti soiling, and durable. Mold stains and mildew formation is resisted. Marks are simply wiped off with a sponge and household cleaning agents.

  • antibacterial
  • flame resistant, self extinguishing
  • liquid-tight, non-irritating to the skin
  • does not cling to the skin when net
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