Age UK Enfield launch iCan Service

Taylor Dolman is proud to have been able to help sponsor the launch of a new Age UK service in Enfield.

The iCan Service is a new project which is aimed at supporting vulnerable adults to remain living healthily and independently in the community; it is aimed at adults of all ages and not just older people.

Age UK sponsorship

What will the service do

The iCan Service will aim to improve health and wellbeing of vulnerable adults by ensuring they have the provision of personalised coordinated care and support across a network of providers, the service will focus on improving the self-management of their health conditions and prevent them from accessing primary and secondary care services.

The Navigators will work with service users in a holistic manner and identify their physical, emotional, psychological, social and practical needs. They will then support them in accessing other resources, facilities and services which are available to them and assist in improving their well-being.

The type of support that the service will be offering is as follows:

  • Assisting with access to benefits;
  • Enabling access to health and social care services
  • Enabling access to community services
  • Helping people to self-manage their condition
  • Help in making social connections
  • Advising on lifestyle choices, healthy eating
  • Helping access power of attorney advice
  • Supporting the development of end of life plans
  • Running awareness events
  • Running peer support groups in the community

For more information contact:

iCan Service on: 020 8375 4103