Ropox Mobile Shower & Changing Trolleys

Ropox Shower Trolley 3

The mobile and height-adjustable range of shower and changing beds from Ropox offer optimum working conditions for the caregivers and a safe and comfortable environment for the users.

The shower/changing beds combine:

  • A height-adjustable base on wheels
  • Soft comfortable lying surfaces.
  • Braked wheels,
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety side guards,

The Ropox shower and changing trolley beds offer outstanding levels of comfort and safety along with first class safety features. They are both available with a battery solution to allow them to operate without the restrictions of power cords.

Ropox Mobilio Shower Trolleys

Ropox Mobilio Shower/Changing trolley beds offer excellent value and quality without compromising on safety and comfort.

Height Adjustable

Reversible Slats

Battery Option

Ropox Mobilio Changing Bed

The Ropox Mobilio is a changing table of the highest quality that is user-friendly, flexible and height adjustable with a long corded handset. The ergonomic nursing bench has brake wheels that ensure a safe and stable position when the wheels are locked

Height Adjustable

Replaceable Mattress

Braked Castors