Guldmann Sling Cleaning & Disinfection

Through the Covid19 pandemic hygiene has been at the forfront of everyones mind, hand and surface cleaning and sanitising has become commonplace to us all.

As a reminder about sling care and cleaning/disinfection Guldmann has produced a short guide for users.

Guldmann reusable / washable slings are intended to be used for one individual person at a time. Therefore reuseable slings must be cleaned and disinfected for infection control purposes when they become soiled or after an individual person no longer needs the sling and it is put into use for another person.

Cleaning instructions are found on the product label and within this short guide ideal for circulation to staff.

Sling Cleaning Guide – click here.

Its important that the cleaning and maintenance instructions are followed for the warranty to apply and to maximise the slings lifespan.